2019 e-AGM

17 May 2019 by Dan Clearwater

Better late than never! We’ve finally concluded our e-AGM.  A huge thanks to Warren Fitzgerald for compiling the financial reports, the e-AGM minutes and the reps for writing up their bit for the annual report.


09 April 2019 by Dan Clearwater

We’re a little behind in our timing for this years e-AGM unfortunately!

3 weeks notice is hereby given of the online AGM for the NZ Canyoning Association for the 2018/19 club year.

The AGM will be run online, with a completion date of 31 April 2019.  The purpose of the e-AGM is to fulfil the clubs obligations under the law and our club rules to keep the club as an incorporated society. This allows us to operate a bank account which we can use to run club activities.

Agenda Items

  • Approval of the clubs financial accounts
  • Nominations for the executive
  • Election of officers (executive members)

If you have any extra items for the agenda, please email the secretary Warren Fraser on NZCanyoningAssociation@gmail.com  The cut off for agenda items is 15 April.  If there’s an additional agenda item, it will be considered by the executive, and then a summary displayed on the website. Feedback from members via email will be invited and votes called for if necessary. Not a member? You can join now for free.

Please note, appropriate AGM agenda items are those to do with the official running of the club; club rules, accounts, financial matters, executive member etc.  Other items of general business can be dealt with by the executive at any time by emailing the association.

Club Financial Accounts

These will be reviewed and moved/seconded by the current executive once the financial year is over, then made available on the NZCA website by 15 April. Any discussion from members about the accounts will be accepted by email. Any unresolved debate will be put to an email vote from members, and then recorded in the minutes.

Nominations for the executive

Members of the NZCA who wish to fill any of the roles in the executive, must send an application to NZcanyoningassociation@gmail.com by 15 April.  You can apply for any role, even president!

We will acknowledge receipt of all applications. Each application should be one page or less, and include a profile photo and a biography and that states your experience and skills that you would apply to the role. To learn more about the the roles available within of the executive, check out the ‘who are we?’page and our strategic objectives.   Executive discussions are mostly done online, though there is an expectation that exec members will meet at the bi-annual canyoning festival to meet face to face.

All applicant bio’s will be published on this website.

Vacancies on the executive

Although we have not had any formal resignations, Annette Phillips, our Advocacy Representative, has indicated the she is happy to step down to allow another person the chance in the role.  If you’d like to discuss what Advocacy Representative does, then please get in touch; NZcanyoningassociation@gmail.com

Election of officers (executive) 

In accordance with the NZCA rules;

  • If the number of nominations (including incumbents) is less than the number of positions, the election will be decided by a vote of the incumbent executive.
  • If the number of nominations (including incumbents) exceeds the number of positions (15), a vote by email from members will be carried out after the closing date for nominations and voting closes on 31 April. New executive members will begin on 01 May.