Strategic objectives

Advocacy: To protect our Canyons

  • Access
    • Protect existing access to canyons.
    • Raise awareness of access issues among the canyoning community.
    • Promote respect for private land owners and negotiate access to restricted and/or private land canyoning areas for members.
  • Environment
    • Raise awareness of the issues surrounding Didymo and other aquatic pests.
    • Raise awareness of the environmental impacts of canyoning, so that they may be minimised
  • Bolting
    • Liaise with DOC, land managers and owners to ensure bolting in NZ Canyons is allowed, safe, appropriate and legal.


Community: To raise the awareness of our Canyoners:

  • Events
    • Promote training opportunities for NZ Canyoners.
    • Organise regular Canyoning Rendezvous.
  • Beta/Guidebook
    • Publish sufficient information to enable a wide range of canyoning activities.
  • Communication
    • Promote Canyoning in New Zealand to both New Zealanders and visitors.
    • Facilitate discussion amongst the NZ Canyoning community.
    • Provide a means for Canyoners to find partners
    • Ensure locals as well as international visitors know the ethics and issues of Canyoning in NZ.


Technical Standards : To safely grow the sport of Canyoning in New Zealand.

  • Technique
    • Encourage safety through raising technical standards for canyoning in NZ.
    • Encourage a degree of standardisation of basic techniques and signals.
  • Code of Practice
    • Maintain the Canyoning Code of Practice as the sport evolves.
    • Set voluntary minimum standards for equipment
  • Training
    • Create training opportunities for recreational Canyoners in NZ.
    • Liaise with professional canyoners and organisations to facilitate training
  • CanyonSAR
    • Liaise with LandSAR NZ to develop SOP’s for Canyon SAR training and response.