Ore Stream bolting – ‘Development consultation guidlines’

Ore Stream-033

Darran Haines part way down R3 in Ore Stream in relatively low water levels Photo/D.Clearwater

After a meeting between members of the Canyoning community,  NZCA President, NZCA Aspiring area Rep, and Deep Canyon Guiding, an agreement was reached that Deep Canyon would not place anchors that it had suggested in Ore Stream, near Makarora.

The NZCA is greatful for Deep Canyon’s willingness to discuss the issue pragmatically, which shows respect towards the canyon itself, and towards the views of the community that value Ore Stream.

These discussions highlighted the fact that there will almost certainly be more similar situations in the future, as Canyoning grows.  Everyone at the meeting agreed that it was in the best interests of all Canyoners (whether recreational or commercial) for NZCA to lead the creation of the ethics around these sorts of issues.   Practically, we’d like to add to the NZCA Bolting Code of Practice,  some guidelines and considerations for anyone who is thinking about developing the infrastructure of an existing canyon.

Our aim is to encourage and (when necessary) facilitate consultation between would-be developers and the canyon community, so that canyon development is well considered, and remains appropriate to the circumstances of a particular canyon or area of canyons.

NZCA will be working on a draft and will publish it for feedback in due course. We’ve got excellent representation within our committee from all over the country and from all corners of the community.  However, if you feel strongly about providing input into the development of these guidelines, we’re open to hear from you now.  You can send your thoughts to NZCanyoningAssociation@gmail.com

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Posted by Dan Clearwater, 15 March 2019.