Canyon SAREX


Immediately prior to the Canyoning Festival, LandSAR NZ will be hosting a Canyon Search and Rescue Exercise (SAREX).

This SAREX will be organised by the Nelson Speleo Group Cave SAR Team. The main activity will be held on Friday, 2 February, nearby St Arnaud.

The Canyon SAREX is intended primarily for existing members of SAR teams throughout NZ to network, practise canyon specific SAR techniques and workshop new techniques or procedures. Dependant on interest, location and capacity, non-SAR team members who have skills and experience to offer may be able to participate or observe.

As such, participation in the SAREX is by invite only. If you have previous canyoning SAR experience and wish to attend please email us.

All inquiries about the SAREX should be directed to nzcanyoningassociation (at) gmail (dot) com