NZCA membership sign up & Festival registration

Ready to join and register ?

All NZCA events (such as festivals) are only for members: so the fees are made up of:

  • $50 NZCA membership for two summers, which covers the costs of running the NZCA and contributes to the Canyon fund,
  • $30 Festival registration which covers the actual costs of running the festival.

There’s just two steps to do. 

  1. Read the terms and conditions
  2. Pay the fees & fill out the NZCA Membership/Festival Registration Form.

Step 1. Read the terms and conditions

NZ Canyoning Association Membership terms & conditions

NZCA is a not for profit, incorporated society run by volunteers.

Any person who supports the objectives of NZCA and who agrees to abide by our rules can apply to be a member.

Your membership fee goes towards the expenses of running the association, advocating for canyoning and contributing to the Canyon Fund

Membership lasts for two summer seasons: so whenever you join, you’ll be able to participate in one bi-annual festival, plus any smaller meet-ups or events!

  • Attend NZCA events (Some events may have a fee to cover the bonafide expenses of running that event)
  • Apply to the Canyon Fund for grants.
  • For a small additional fee, receive Federated Mountain Club of NZ’s quarterly magazine and Discount card (which has access to over 50 different discounts including 30% off a DOC annual hut pass)
  • Vote at any NZCA meetings/AGMs

The NZCA will use its SMS during all official events, and all members are required to abide by it.

Any member who refuses to or is unable to comply will be asked to leave that event.

Membership information collected by NZCA is for the purpose of administering the association and communicating with members.

Information collected for registration of events is to ensure the participants needs are met by the event. 

Information will not be held longer than is nessecary for the purpose for which it is gathered.

Any person may ask to see and have updated thier information by contact the privacy officer, who is the secretary:  

Festival registration terms & conditions

The NZ Canyoning Festival is run as an Association event, and is for current NZCA members only. The registration fee covers the actual costs of running the festival only. 

The event is run by volunteers, and the programme depends on the amount of volunteers’ support given.

You must accept all policies provided during the membership joining process and festival registration process.

Members agree that they participate in festival activities at their own risk, and agree to take responsibility for their own safety during those activities. Members agree to hold blameless the event organizers, the NZ Canyoning Association, its executive and its members for any loss, or damage, caused by negligence, act or omission whether consequential or indirect, as a result of participation in any NZ Canyoning Association event.

Members agree that they have enough personal equipment to keep themselves safe/warm and enough skills/experience in aquatic canyons in New Zealand to look after themselves in normal conditions.

You must be at least 18 at the start of the festival to attend.

The festival is not a cheap guided canyoning experience. It is an event for self-sufficient canyoners who at least:

  • have the ability and judgement to manage their personal safety in a canyon.
  • have the suitable equipment to keep themselves safe and warm when canyoning.

It’s ok if you can’t rig pitches, or need someone to make leadership decisions or help you learn a few extra things along the way. 

We just don’t want people who need constant supervision to stop them hurting themselves, folks who need their descender rigged for them, or who rock up in boardies, Teva’s with an ATC and no helmet… 

If you’re unsure if you have enough skill/gear/experience, please talk to us, we’re pretty friendly 😉

Bear in mind the registration fee is set to cover budgeted event costs, and we’ll be booking venues, buying consumables/food etc, we really don’t want to be refunding people who are just changing thier minds…   

If you wish to ask for a refund, contact

Full Refunds

  • If you are genuinely unwell with flu-like symptoms, please do not attend: we will give you a full refund.
  • If NZCA is forced to cancel the event for any reason, we’ll refund you in full. 

Partial refunds

  • If there is a change in covid protocols after registering which mean you are unable to attend, we’ll refund all of your fee which we haven’t spent yet (ie, most of it until we buy the food…)

No refunds

  • In the event of bad weather, the social part of the event will still happen (ie, venue + food etc) and no refunds given.

NZCA will be following all government guidance regarding Covid protocols. 

If you are sick, please do not attend: we’ll give you a full refund. 

The event size limitations mean that we will be requiring all attendees to prove that they are double vaxxed when checking in on the first day at the event.

Step 2: Pay the fees and fill out the form

Raise your canyon karma by adding a donation….

The event is organised by volunteers: we do it for the love of it, and in the hope that you’ll contribute to the community. For some canyon karma, please consider adding a donation which will directly help us improve the anchors in our canyons… 

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