Coromandel Festival

Tairua, Coromandel, NZ

Saturday 29 to Monday 31 January 2022

NZ is at Red, and the festival is ON!!!

We’re complying with Red protocols:

  • Everyone must have a vax certificate
  • Max 100 people at the venues, 1m spacing where possible
  • Scan in, and keep a record of where you’ve been 

The Canyons

Check these local beauties out on

Safety Documents​

Festival Format

Every two years (from 2016) the NZ Canyoning Association runs a canyoning festival to support its mission to:

  • Protect our Canyons
  • Raise the awareness of our Canyoners
  • Grow the sport of Canyoning in New Zealand safely

The Festival format is a combination of socialising in the evenings, workshops (on the Saturday only) and self organised canyoning trips (on the Sunday and Monday).

First on the list is socialising, starting at 6 pm on Friday the 28th, meet at HQ (Tairua community hall) start getting to know some others that are at the festival and a briefing at 8pm 

The Saturday workshop day will focus on increasing your skills and knowledge in the canyoning environment!  Once the facilitators and program are confirmed, you can sign up to these on a first in basis, more information to come. 

On Sunday and Monday, there will be several trips going to accessible canyons. You won’t be able to sign up for these in advance so turn up to the social evenings and arrange your trip with fellow festival-goers. You can check out the canyons you might want to do below.

For the safety and enjoyment of all, we want to help you choose the right canyon for your skills, ability, and equipment and ensure there is a right mix of local knowledge of New Zealand canyoning conditions in each trip.

Local and international canyoners welcome.

Get in touch with us at


  • This festival is for competent canyoners. If you are starting out looking to learn how to go canyoning the festival is not the place to start. 
  • There are no intro canyoning skills – please contact the Festival Partners for some training opportunities before the festival, especially if you are not familiar with New Zealand Aquatic canyoning.
  • See FAQs below “What equipment skills and fitness do I need?”.


Pre-Festival Activities

Friday 28 Jan 2022

  • 7 am-6 pm: Canyon SAREX. Invite only. It is an official activity of LandSAR NZ, in conjunction with the NZ Canyoning Association

Official festival activities

Friday 28 Jan 2022

  • 6 pm: meet and greet at HQ (Tairua town hall) details below  at 
  • 8 pm: festival and workshop briefing

Saturday 29 Jan 2022

  • Workshops from 8 am TBC (more information Soon)
  • Festival HQ open from 5.30 pm onward for the social evening and time to Organise your trips for the following day. There will a BBQ going from 6 pm
  • 8 pm: Additional Canyon safety briefing 

Sunday 30 Jan 2022

  • 6 am – 6 pm: Canyoning trips (as organised the night before)
  • 7 pm onwards: Evening function at Festival HQ. Organise your trip for the following day. BYO drinks and food.
  • 8 pm Presentations Raffle and prizes 
  • 9 pm: Canyon safety briefing @ Festival HQ.

Monday 31 Jan 2022

  • 6 am – 6 pm: Canyoning trips (as organised the night before)
  • Finish – see you next time

Festival Partners

Pete has introduced a lot of canyoning equipment to New Zealand’s market place. Making the first free-draining bags, while creating a high-quality no-nonsense brand suitable for canyoners across NZ. Imports Kordas rope, AV harnesses, Raumer hangers directly from the manufacturer.

Enter the raffle when you get to the festival and be into win a ‘canyon Bag 3’ and a ‘2.5L bolt bag’ from Access gear and a 40m canyoning rope from Kordas! 

How awesome is that! 

Local manufacturers of quality canyon gear. Importers of just about anything else we can’t build. All NZCA members receive special club pricing. And as a festival offer to every festival participant will receive a $30 voucher for their store! (min $50 purchase) 

More information and how to redeem this will be sent out to participants via email 

Customised rescue solutions to organisations in New Zealand and Australia. 

We find out what you need first and then working with you, develop a solution: includes problem identification & scoping, programme development & design, procedures development, materials testing, technical publications and course piloting & delivery.

OTE rescue is proud to work with LandSAR NZ and the NZ Canyoning Association with the development of the Canyon Rescue 1 course.

North Island guided canyoning trips through some of the most beautiful landscape New Zealand has to offer.

Not just the best canyoning trip in New Zealand, but the best ‘true adventure’ experience in the country! The Canyonz expertise and enthusiasm for outdoor adventure they will guarantee your experience is positively mind-blowing.

With more than 25 years guiding and instructional experience worldwide, you’re in safe hands!

Waterfalls and white water, the love of sharing our special world. Big Rock have the ability to not only guide but teach the fundamentals of canyoning on every tour. 

Radix is a leader in applied nutrition. Products are designed with the aim of improving health and performance across a range of nutritional requirements, specific protocols, and dietary allergies. 

Get into the raffle to win some products to try for yourself! 

The New Zealand Canyoning school offers training courses for recreational canyoners and professional canyoning instructors. they have a range of courses to suit any level, and customise courses based on what you need and how much time you would like to spend with them. weather yours taking the first steps into the canyons or you want to start exploring on your own, they have got you covered, 

Enter the raffle to be into win a $200 voucher for training! 

Is the go-to store for specialist canyoning equipment out of Europe. They have a massive range of stock and can get pretty much anything in, plus they ship internationally at good prices.

Some great spot prize coming in from these guys for the raffle, get entered to win 

Venue and  location

Festival HQ will be at the Tairua Community Hall.

Facilities available at Festival HQ include a large auditorium, kitchen facilities, bathrooms etc

From the Festival HQ sit central between the access to both sides of the Coromandel forest park with canyoning scattered all over. check out the Kiwi Canyons website for an overview of some of the local hot spots

Getting to Tairua, Corromandel

Both Hamilton and Auckland airports are just under 2 hours drive (140km) from Tairua. We recommend that you hire a car for the duration of your visit.

If you would like to carpool or looking to make contact with other canyoners before the festival, check out this form and add your details if you are happy for others to contact you.

Accommodation: as of 25/1/22, the Seabreeze Holiday Park still has space available

Frequently Asked Questions

As a minimum, you need a basic level of skills, fitness and equipment to be able to look after yourself in an aquatic canyon all-day. Walk-ins to start your day can be from 10 minutes to 3 hours.

Check out the article on Kiwi Canyons about the equipment and skills you need.


Here is what gear you need to bring:

There is a range of levels of canyon trips you can choose to join. 

The festival is designed around people having the skills to look after themselves in the canyon and bring the right gear. If you are just starting out looking to learn how to go canyoning the festival is not the place to start.

You do not have to be confident leading canyon trips but be sure to be honest about your abilities to your group when deciding to go on a trip.

All participants of the NZ 2022 Canyoning Festival must come prepared to CHECK, CLEAN and DRY their gear between canyoning trips.

Visit the Didymo page on to learn more.

The same rules apply to Kauri Dieback so if you do not want the forests closed, clean your gear. 

The Coromadel may not have the vast number of canyons that some areas of the South Island have but they are top quality. The best place to find information about them and plan your limited days in the Coromandel is at Kiwi Canyons For days of fun check out all the orange markers


The main two locations to start canyons in the area is 

The Kauaeranga Road end: about 1 hour 10 from Tairua

The Rangihau Road end: about 45 mins from Tairua



Held in the  Tairua community hall, we will host an evening function on Friday, and Saturday from 6 pm.

We will have some light snacks and tea coffee etc. available at all times. There will be a BBQ on Saturday night with plenty of food for everyone. Unfortunately we don’t have a liquor licence so can’t provide any alcohol, but you are more than welcome to bring your own. All other evenings, we have other social events going on at the HQ, so either eat beforehand or bring takeaways and we will see you there.

There will be $5 raffle tickets available, with some awesome prize up for grabs so make sure you get amongst it. All money goes towards the canyon fund.

Many of our festival partners will be present at the evening functions, not selling anything, just walking around chatting so go have a talk with them and see what they are about, These are great people and companies, as they make these events possible, and support upgrades of our canyons throughout NZ


Tairua has a small medical centre but it closes at 5 so for any incidents after hours call 111

All participants must be willing to disclose any medical conditions and injuries before activities away from town. If any of these cannot be effectively self-managed, you will not be able to participate in those activities.

Safety and Rescue

There is a volunteer Search and Rescue Team and with some canyon SAR capability for our contingent. Even with a personal locator beacon, helicopter rescue may be many hours away or even the following day. All participants need to be prepared to spend the night in the canyon if there were an accident.

Groups need to carry: a suitable means of communication usually a PLB or Inreach, survival shelters, extra thermal layers, headlamps, food, medical supplies (appropriate to the canyon they are descending). 

If you have a personal locator beacon/Inreach, bring it, and make sure the person who gets called if you push the button knows that you’ll be at the festival and that they should call the event manager Brad: 0273179547

A detailed Safety Management Plan, including an Incident Response Plan, has been prepared for the festival. All participants need to read and follow the instructions in these plans.

  • If you’re unsure about anything during a trip, make sure you ask for assistance. Don’t be afraid to question someone’s anchor, check their rigging, or ask for them to explain again they have done, or why they have done it. Canyoning is a team activity.

Your emergency contact person: Please pass on the link for the Incident Response Plan to your loved ones/emergency contact person.

Phone coverage

There is limited coverage through most canyoning areas but normally none withing the canyons, Teams need to be self-sufficient with rescue and survival gear and carry emergency communication devices.

Team check-in and check out

A designated person in each group will be responsible for communicating to Festival HQ the list of canyoners in their group for the days trip (using the Official NZCA Activity Sheet) and reporting back into HQ immediately when their group has safely exited the canyon. 

Each group must carry the Official NZCA Activity Sheet at all times detailing SOP and emergency procedures with numbers and contact details for check-in and check out.

Official NZCA Activity Sheet V1.2

To make this event a success, we need considerable support from volunteers.

If you would like to volunteer your time, please contact us.

We need volunteers for:

  • Technical workshop facilitators
  • Set up and clean up at the Festival HQ BBQ attendance etc 
  • General assistance with things that may crop up during the event

NOTE: Any volunteers for technical roles must have a current first aid certificate and be competent to facilitate and operate in the canyon environment.

Get in touch if you want to volunteer: