The Canyon Fund

The purpose of the fund is to support infrastructure in existing canyons and to encourage new canyoning opportunities.. Detailed information about the fund and how it is administered is found on the application form. 


Before you apply, please talk to us.  We can talk you through the project and assist with your application.

When you’re ready to apply for funding, please complete the Canyon Fund Application Form


Completed past applications

We’ve provided funding for the following projects and expeditions… 

Upgrades to the anchors in these canyons:

  • $349 for Bulls Run and Lower Rangihau Canyon, Coromandel 
  • $190 for Big 60 Canyon, Hunter Valley
  • $313 for Gamblers Canyon, Golden Bay

Upgrades to anchors in these canyons:

  • $448 for Oteao Canyon, Coromandel
  • $289 for Muriel Canyon, West Coast
  • $149 for Wairere Falls, Kaimai Ranges

Support to these expeditions:

Upgrades to anchors for these canyons:

  • $138 for Wainihini Canyon West Coast

Upgrades to anchors for these canyons:

  • $202 for Peak Creek, Matakitaki Valley 
  • $250 for Griffin Creek, Taramakau Valley, West coast

Upgrades to anchors in these canyons:

  • $333 for Tunukahoia Canyon, Coromandel
  • $276 for Wilberhorse and Takahe Canyons, Wilberforce Valley
  • $177 for Kaiate Falls, Bay of Plenty
  • $120 for Stonewall Canyon, Cape Palliser, Wellington
  • $385 for Akatarawa Canyons, Wellington

Upgrades to anchors in these canyons:

  • $138 for Twin Creek, Arthurs Pass
  • $148 for Red Granite Creek, Mikonui Valley, West Coast.
  • No applications processed
  • $282 to upgrade anchors in Hydrophobia, Coromandel


Several discounts are available for projects which are supported by the Canyon Fund. Please contact the following organisations and mention the NZ Canyoning Association to receive the most up to date discounted prices.

Access Gear – discounted hangers, ring hangers and belay stations.

Ramset – discounted on the usual cash sales price of Ramset bolts.


Hunter Caddick
P. 03 365 9355
120 Montreal St, Sydenham, Christchurch 8023,  New Zealand


The NZ Canyoning Association raises funds on behalf of its members through events, donations, grants and other sources. Funds over those required for regular running of the NZ Canyoning Association can be made available to the Canyon Fund.

To donate to the fund, please use the PayPal button below

If you wish to donate materials, please click the button below to email us.

Bolting Code of Practice

In October 2017, the NZCA approved its first Bolting Code of Practice after two years of drafting, research and peer review.  

A major review and update was done during 2021/2022, with version 2.0 published in November 2022. V2.0 includes 7 extra pages of information, including rock thread anchors and webbing on hanger testing data. 

The NZCA Bolting code of practice captures the current guidance for how to ethically, legally and safely install anchors within canyons in New Zealand. It is the reference document on the subject for all amateur, recreational canyon bolting in New Zealand. 

Safety Management System

The NZ Canyoning Association has implemented a Safety Management System which must be adhered to for all official NZCA activities. All leaders and participants must agree to follow the policies and guidance in the plan for official NZ Canyoning Association activities.

The SMS includes the following documents;

NZCA Official Activity Sheet

Before any official activity, the activity leader takes responsibility for filling out the ACTIVITY SHEET and giving it to a trusted contact person.

Official NZCA Activity Sheet V1.2

Canyon descriptions/route information

Didymo and Biosecurity


For more information on how to be a responsible canyoner and prevent spreading unwanted plants or animals between waterways.