Wellington Intro-day

Karapoti Road end, Akatarawa Valley

28 January 2023

What is a NZCA Intro day?

An intro-day is aimed at two sorts of people!

  1. Those from the outdoor community who would like to see if they want to take up canyoning. 
  2. Local canyoners who want to help encourage new people to the sport as volunteer leaders

For the newbies:

Normally, we encourage people wanting to get into canyon to take a professional course, or go with experienced friends. But we appreciate that some people might not have access to those opportunities, which is why we’re trialling an intro day. 

Volunteers from the NZCA will lead small groups through an introductory canyon, give you an understanding of the basics and hopefully help you find out if you want to invest the time and money into pursuing the sport. 

The day is totally free, but space is strictly limited, you’ll have to supply your own equipment, and volunteer leaders have the support of the NZCA to say ‘no sorry’ to anyone for the safety of the activity. 

For the volunteer leaders

An intro day is a good chance to meet other trip leaders, as well as helping encourage new people to get into canyoning!  If you want to be a trip leader, please email gavin@nzcanyoningassociation.org 

Stay in the loop

Check out the Wellington Meetup Facebook event to chat to other people attending and hear announcements from the event organisers. 


A few FAQ...

Intro day numbers are limited by the amount of suitably experienced trip leaders.

The NZCA Safety Management Plan has a leader-to-participant ratio of 1:6 as a maximum;

We will try to do our best to find willing leaders to accommodate as many people as are interested, but we can’t guarantee the spaces available.

If you’d like to volunteer to be a trip leader, please contact gavin@nzcanyoningassociation.org


Leaders will check your gear before the trip begins.  Anyone who doesn’t have sufficient gear (or gear in suitable condition) will not be allowed to participate. (for your own safety, and the safety of the group.

At a minimum you’ll require:

  • Climbing or Whitewater helmet
  • Climbing or canyoning harness 
  • Descender & Carabiner
  • Cow’s tail (aka  Safety,  Leash, lanyard) with Carabiner
  • Full wetsuit (3mm)
  • Thermal layers (top and pants)
  • Shell layer (in case you get cold)
  • Beanie
  • Lunch/snacks
  • Personal medication
  • Suitable footwear (running/approach shoes)

To get the most out of the day you should consider bringing:

  • Sticky rubber approach shoes
  • Neoprene socks



Intro day numbers are limited by the amount of suitably experienced trip leaders,  so if you’d like to volunteer to be a trip leader, please contact gavin@nzcanyoningassociation.org

  • Sufficient fitness to complete a 30-45 minute uphill walk on a rough track, followed by 2-3 hours of off-track scrambling, wading and abseiling down a slippery streambed. 
  • You should be comfortable abseiling up to 20m.
  • You should be comfortable jumping into rock pools and swimming a few meters to the exit point. 


This will be assessed on a case by case basis for the intro day.

In general, for NZCA events, those under 18 can only come with written guardian consent. There must also be a person over 18 that they know who comes along on the trip with them. 

The Wellington Intro day is FREE but you must register!

Space is strictly limited…

Because we have  limits on numbers due to volunteer leaders, you’ll need to register your interest.

It’ll be first come first served, but to be fair to everyone,  please only put your name down if you are committed to coming along.

We realise that life changes, so if you are no longer able to come, please let us know immediately, so we can offer your space to the next person on the list. 

To register you’ll need to fill out the online form below and agree that;

  • You’ve got the minimum gear on the gear list
  • You’re committed to attending the event
  • You’ve got the minimum fitness 
  • You’ll be granted a temporary NZCA membership for the day, which means you must read and follow the NZCA Safety Management Plan, plus acknowledge and accept the risks of the activity.

The Canyon

The intro day will visit the Little Akatarawa Canyon v3a2II*


Saturday 28 January 2023

  • Meet 10am at Karipoti Road end carpark
  • Find new friends and get stuck into a day of canyoning! 
  • After the canyon: CHECK, CLEAN, DRY 

Safety Documents​