What does it cost?

$50 NZCA membership lasts for two summers.

So whenever you join, you’ll be able to participate in one bi-annual festival, plus any smaller meet-ups or events! 

The membership fee covers the costs of running the NZCA and contributes directly to the Canyon fund,

Plus any event or festival registration fees

Any events or festivals that NZCA runs are only for members. An activity registration fee may be charged, which just covers the actual costs of running that activity. 

NZCA Membership terms & conditions

Joining NZCA means that you have read and agree to these T&Cs

NZCA is a not for profit, incorporated society run by volunteers.

Any person who supports the objectives of NZCA and who agrees to abide by our rules can apply to be a member.

Your membership fee goes towards the expenses of running the association, advocating for canyoning and contributing to the Canyon Fund

Membership lasts for two summer seasons: so whenever you join, you’ll be able to participate in one bi-annual festival, plus any smaller meet-ups or events!

  • Attend NZCA events (Some events may have a fee to cover the bonafide expenses of running that event)
  • Apply to the Canyon Fund for grants.
  • For a small additional fee, receive Federated Mountain Club of NZ’s quarterly magazine and Discount card (which has access to more than 60 different discounts including 30% off a DOC annual hut pass)
  • Vote at any NZCA meetings/AGMs

The NZCA will use its SMS during all official events, and all members are required to abide by it.

Any member who refuses to or is unable to comply will be asked to leave that event.

Membership information collected by NZCA is for the purpose of administering the association and communicating with members.

Information collected for registration of events is to ensure the participants needs are met by the event. 

Information will not be held longer than is nessecary for the purpose for which it is gathered.

Any person may ask to see and have updated thier information by contact the privacy officer, who is the secretary:  

During official events, NZCA will follow all government requirements regarding Covid19 protocols.

  • NZCA is required to notify all members of general meetings, and this will be via email.
  • For events, the organiser may communicate with you via email.
  • All other NZCA news and communications will be via the KiwiCanyons Facebook Group

Join now

The button will take you to our Stripe payment gateway. After you’ve paid, you’ll be directed to a short membership form to complete your application. 

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