General meeting: Winter 2022

NZCA General Meeting: 29 September, 7.30pm on Zoom

The NZCA committee wishes to amend our official rules to keep them up to date and fit for purpose.  

We are legally required to hold a General Meeting, open to all current members, to vote on changes to the current rules.  The proposed ammended rules v2.4 were able to be viewed online prior to the meeting. 

The meeting will be online video call via Zoom, and all current members are welcome to attend.  The invitation and Zoom link will be sent via email, contact if you haven’t received your invitation. 

Please read below for the details relevant to the meeting. 

Summarised from our current rules:

  • Quorum: the lesser of 10 members or 5% of the total current membership present and entitled to vote.
  • Eligibility to vote: only current members* are entitled to vote.
  • E-mail voting: is allowed.  Once the agenda is published, you can submit your vote(s) to up to the start of the meeting.  


*Am I a member??

If you attended the 2022 Tairua/Coromandel Festival, then you certainly are!  Plus anyone who has paid the membership fee since it was introduced in late 2021. 

NZCA membership used to be free and last indefinitely. But in late 2021, the executive decided to set a membership fee. Events are only for members, and attendance for members is charged on a cost-only basis.



  1. NZCA Rules amendments


  1. That the NZCA Rules be ammended as per the proposed version 2.4. 

Additional motions were called for from any current member, until 4 weeks prior to the meeting by emailling the secretary. 


A finalised draft of the proposed rules will be included in the final agenda.  

The proposed changes include:

A new ‘object’

  • Objects are the formal ‘objectives’ of an Incorporated Society. We propose to include the NZCA activity in the Canyon Search and Rescue space in our objects.

Membership changes:

  • We propose to make a rule which allows “Classes of membership” to provide for full (paid) members and non-paying members &supporters. To ensuring that only paid members are eligible for membership benefits. (The executive is allowed to set a membership fee, and we did that in late 2021.)
  • A rule to explicitly state that only full members can attend events. This will help to keep it 100% crystal clear that NZCA events are exempt from the requirements of the Health and Safety At Work Act 2015, and Adventure Activity Regulations 2016. 

Shift the financial year end to 30 June;

  • to ensure our financial year cover the whole canyoning season and provide leeway for committee members who are busy with own/business reporting responsibilities.

Timing of elections/annual report,

  • to match with financial year considerations.
NZCA Executive, 2022