Keep a canyon bubble at Level 2

It’s ok to get back into the canyons!

NZCA encourages all canyoners to keep aware of the government’s latest advice and use their judgment to follow the main Level 2 principles;

  • Minimise the number of people who pass through your bubble.
  • Make sure you know those people who pass through your bubble, so there can be quick and effective contact tracing if someone does get sick.

Canyoning sometimes requires close contact and teamwork, so physical distancing isn’t realistically possible. To mitigate this, limit the number of people in your “Canyon bubble” to the group of mates you usually go with, and try to stick to that “Canyon bubble”.  It isn’t a good time to try to meet new canyoning buddies.   

As at 15 May 2020, advice on car-pooling to get to and from the canyons isn’t yet available from the Government, so you’ll need to use your own judgement and apply the Level 2 principles.  

We advise everyone to check the website for up-to-date guidance before finalising travel arrangements.