No Canyoning at COVID Alert Level 3

With the nation moving to Covid-19 Alert Level 3 from April 28 there is to be an easing of restrictions in regards to Outdoor Recreation.

To avoid any doubt, the NZ Canyoning Association interprets the Government’s advice on recreation at Level 3 to mean that no Canyoning should be done.

“The most important principle here is to stay safe (so that you do not need rescuing or medical care), and to stay physically distant from people outside of your bubble.”

Further guidance from the government on the Sport NZ website reinforces our assessment.

The New Zealand Alpine Club also issued a statement urging its members not to conduct any form of climbing at Alert level 3.

The clarity which comes from managing risk is a major reason why we do mountain sports, rather than only watch them on YouTube or play Tennis.

Canyoning can be conducted with a high degree of safety, but the elements of risk cannot be removed, and the remote and technical nature of any rescue means you simply cannot justify going canyoning at Alert Level 3.

NZCA urges all canyoners to refrain from canyoning at this time. The better we play our part in Aotearoa’s strategy against the virus, the sooner we’ll be able to recreate freely again.

If people have thick enough wetsuits and constitutions, we expect Canyoning will be acceptable under Alert Level 2, but we must wait for further advice from the government.